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With web scraping and data mining, Woadsoft can lay a solid foundation for your data project. We’ll use data mining to quickly and easily collect valuable information from existing online sources. Whether it’s competitor analysis, product research, or social media analysis, we do it all.

Our Web Scraping Technology Stack


The Requests library in Python allows us to easily send HTTP requests. It is mostly used for making API requests and getting unedited HTML content from websites (also known as scraping).


Scrapy is a popular Python framework used to scrap vast amounts of information from the web. By using this tool, we can help you efficiently extract data from websites, process them in any way you want, and store them in any format and structure


BeautifulSoup is a well-known Python library that mostly breaks down HTML or XML files into separate components. For relatively easy tasks, our Python programmers typically use Requests to get the HTML of a webpage. After that, they will use BeautifulSoup to parse the unedited HTML and extract the required information.


Python's lxml library can be used to easily handle XML and HTML files and is also capable of scraping data from the web. A key benefit of this library is that it is easy to use, quickly parses large documents, provides great documentation and makes data to Python data types conversion extremly simple. This all makes file manipulation very easy.


urllib3 is a very powerful Python HTTP client. There has been a refactoring/rewriting of older modules in this version. Urllib3 brings many critical features not found in Python's standard libraries, such as:

  • Thread safety
  • Connection pooling
  • Client-side SSL/TLS verification
  • File uploads with multipart encoding
  • Helpers for retrying requests and dealing with HTTP redirects
  • Support for gzip and deflate encoding
  • Proxy support for HTTP and SOCKS
  • 100% test coverage

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