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Odoo Customization

Enterprise applications are designed to cater to the needs of an organization so that they can provide an excellent customer experience to the customers. However, there are times when customers require additional services and the ERP system has to be managed accordingly.

That’s where Odoo customization by Woadsoft comes. We offer professional solutions while adhering to and integrating your requirements for customization. In addition, we analyze and optimize your existing programs to ensure you are professionally catered with tailored solutions.

Our team holds years of experience in offering stupendous solutions. We excel at providing high-end customizing needed to enhance the ERP experience for your customers and promise to deliver excellent services at all costs.

Our Customization Process

We make sure that our customers stay intact with us throughout the process since it’s important to integrate their requirements. Therefore, our customization process holds seamless processes that are meant to enhance productivity at every level.

Requirement Gathering

The first part of our Odoo customization is to gather information. This involves getting requirements from the customers regarding their existing ERP system as well as knowing what the needs of their customers are.

GAP Analysis

The GAP analysis is concerned with the analysis of the gap recorded based on the weaknesses and requirements identified by the client. It gives a feasible understanding of what is needed to improve and how Odoo customization would proceed in the future.

Feasibility Study

The feasibility study is the phase where our team analysis the requirements for deducing optimal solutions that are feasible for the customers. It’s to ensure that the solutions implemented are feasible enough to provide progress as required by the customers.

Estimation for Customization

Next, we provide an estimation for the processes to be completed. This is to make sure that the clients get acquainted with the respective timeline of the project. Moreover, it also ensures that a productive timeline is built to guarantee all prospects are developed and customized as requested without errors.

Customer Approval

Once a complete layout of the plan has been assimilated, it makes it easier to relay to the client regarding the projects’ advancement. Our team is professional when it comes to assisting in real time. However, we follow the plan to ensure everything works out seamlessly.


After the client’s approval, our developer’s team gets on board to handle everything. We keep our clients posted regarding the progress to ensure transparency and seamless communication. Apart from that, we keep things professional to provide our clients with stupendous solutions with minimal errors.

Testing and Delivery

We want to ensure that our clients receive competitive Odoo customization results. That is why our team ensures testing at every phase to guarantee faultless proceedings. That is why we pride ourselves on being one of the best teams for Odoo customization because of our impeccable workmanship that guarantees success at every point.

Once the project has been finalized and the client has given its approval, we make the delivery and implementation. Our customer support keeps in touch with the client to make sure that everything goes seamlessly.

Why Choose Woadsoft?

One of the many questions asked is what makes us different and compelling from others. Here are some of the perks you get for hiring us for Odoo customization:

  • We offer cost-efficient solutions that are directive of the customer’s requirement while ensure everything is met within the allocated budget.
  • Our team is an expert in handling all kinds of parameters while considering amendments for further elevation.
  • We are technically knowledgeable and provide real-time insights on how to handle customization of any kind
  • Our team adheres to the standard procedures that make our proceedings compelling and strategically successful.
  • Not to stress as we develop standard and reliable codes for the programs that even our client’s developer’s team can handle proficiently.
  • Our customer support team ensures proficient handling of any issues while offering real time troubleshooting.
  • We provide effective customization solutions that are meant to enhance progress, ensure productivity, and guarantee the effectiveness that our customers want.

So, what’re you waiting for? Contact Woadsoft today and get Odoo customization done the right way.

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